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Hi! Today I was wondering through the avatar fan art tag and I happened to stumble across the beautiful haven of all things Star Wars and Avatar that just happens to be your blog! I cannot explain how awesome your art is, I mean I have been watching Star Wars and Avatar since I was a kid and to find someone who not only loves those two shows but also has a thing for hot misunderstood male characters*cough* zuko and Anakin*cough* and likes zutara not to mention is an art prodigy??? I am dead! *O*



OMG your message made me so happy and now I’m all fangirling because it’s great knowing that there are more mutual ATLA/SW fans on this website!! *0* 

Every now and then I realize how those fandoms are so connected and share many parallels, like the similarity between the Air Nomads and the Jedi (even Bryke addressed that part in their last interview with IGN) and how Guru Pathik (actual Yoda lol) told Aang that he’d be able to master the Avatar state only after letting go of his emotions and earthly attachments (also - Zaheer unlocked his ability only after he relinquished his special ‘tie’ to the earth). 
The Air Nomad genocide reminds me a lot of the Great Jedi Purge, not to mention that the Avatar ghosts are practically force-ghosts LOL. And IIRC from the ATLA art-book, the Freedom Fighters’ hideout was greatly inspired by the Ewok village, and that’s probably because Dave Filoni was involved in some of S1’s episodes. I could go on and on, it’s really wonderful because then, you actually realize that the same guys who created ATLA were inspired by SW, it’s so influential (I’m not even talking about the prequels here, the original movies were groundbreaking). I’m guessing they probably got to see the movies in the cinema back then, I can only imagine what it’s like from a child’s POV (honestly, I’m really excited about EP VII, but mainly because I didn’t get to see an actual SW movie in the cinema before).

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH THE ANAKIN/ZUKO PARALLELS ASDDFDG;M but I have a few and I’ll just write them down to ease my fangirling so here goes— 

10 reasons why Anakin Skywalker and Prince Zuko are similar (IMO):
While Anakin and Zuko’s stories are very different, I think it’s their overall redemption arc that blew me away. And yet they, too, share some parallels: 

1. Physical similarities and traits: Grow their hair out, are physically well built, use swords as an extension of their body/powers, have distinctive facial scars, wear robes/armor, have a masked alter-ego/secret identity (Blue Spirit/Darth Vader), have yellow eyes (well, after Anakin’s turn anyway), and finally - these guys are ANGST MACHINES lol.
2. Both are mama’s boys with daddy issues. 
3. Their overall demeanor borders on being complete assholes and socially awkward as hell.
4. They have zero romantic skills: Zuko is not even aware of girls coming onto him (like Jin and Song) and I can’t say he’s too sure of himself with Mai (no hating on the ship! But I wouldn’t say he was very affectionate with her on their journey back to the Fire Nation and afterwards, and it’s mostly Mai who initiates all the romantic gestures), while Anakin is very blatant and straightforward in expressing his emotions, and comes off a little aggressive at times. 
5. Both are extremely jealous of their respective partners (The Beach/Rise of Clovis).
6. They’ll do anything to protect their loved ones (Iroh and Ursa and even Azula, I don’t even think it’s necessary to point out how far Anakin is willing to go in order to ensure the safety of his friends and family).
7. Both try to please their masters/superiors (the Emperor and the Fire Lord).
8. Zuko’s drive was fueled by anger and hate, and afterwards by his love to his uncle, friends and his ultimate acceptance of his identity which all have balanced him out. Anakin tried to suppress his emotions but eventually succumbed to them, and is all into anger/hate and self pity after his turn to the Dark Side (and then it’s his love to his son and daughter that finally turned him back).
9. While Zuko was highborn, he went through a life-changing field trip ordeal in which he was forced to assimilate within the commoners, all through understanding what it’s like to live in poverty, almost starving to death and basically - he went from somebody to nobody. But at the end - he learned a serious and valuable life lesson which later made him the great leader he became, and we could see that he was not content with the kind of acceptance his father offered (i.e- his right to the throne and his “honor” restored) after his return to the Fire Nation. Anakin was born a slave and still wished to liberate and fight slavery after he became a Jedi, and as such - his commitment meant he was not to posses anything of actual value. Even as Darth Vader, supposedly he gained all the power he was dreaming of, but he couldn’t save his loved ones, nor could he prevent the increase of slavery (if anything - the Empire had encouraged it).
10. They both have abandonment issues, although Zuko’s case is far complicated, because while he does express his longing to his mother and uncle, and yearns for his father to accept him back, at the beginning of the series and during his exile at sea, I don’t think he fully understood or acknowledged those emotions. Anakin’s ever growing fear of losing his wife and best friend is what caused him to fall so steeply into darkness.

I’m not even sure if I covered up everything lmao, again - I could go on and find more parallels, it’s really exciting XD

OMG I ended up babbling too much <___>
I’ve been adding more layers and concepts to the ATLA/SW crossover lately (actually working on something at the moment), and my vacation is almost coming to an end so I’d best start working on it before school starts again~

And yes!! Zutara will forever be my OTP! I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS STAR DESTROYER! /flies into the sun 

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What do you do if your parent(s) detest the Star Wars prequels but you like them? Please help!

Oh wow, well I’ve never had the actual privilege of disagreeing with a partner about this ;XD
Truthfully - my ex-boyfriend detested the PT, but at that time I wasn’t the fandom-monster I am today lmao in other words i had a life but not really OTL I just didn’t care enough about stuff and it was a long time ago.

Anyhow…in my opinion - you should do what’s right for you and enjoy everything that makes you happy. Don’t try to change their mind about something you don’t see eye to eye with. I really try not to get into pointless quarrels about SW with other fans (honestly, I’m still a SW n00b so I’d rather stay inside my hole where I’m safe LOL), mostly because there are so many types of fans in this fandom (yes, it’s very big), and the older ones/die hards (AKA - the Dinosaurs) are too harsh and won’t likely change their opinion or anything.
Also - try talking to prequel-friendly people, that’s the best solution :)

Sorry that I couldn’t be of much help to you, but my advice applies to anything in general (I guess ;XD), and I hope you work this out somehow.

Thanks for dropping by~

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I just started watching star wars and now I am obsessed. Thanks to you. Lol


YESSSSSSSSS!!! Welcome to the fandom, and may the force be with you!~ 

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what blending mode do you set your lineart layer to? bc pretty colors^-^



Thank you! I’m glad you like my stuff :)

I figured it’s time I post a tutorial thingie? Well, it’s not really a tutorial, but right now, my process does involve the use of blending modes (ie - “effects”).
After I’m done cleaning the lines, applying the basic colors and shading, sometimes I use the the lock transparent pixels option (the little checkered square in the layer folder), and color my line-art. However, blending modes offer a wide variety of styles and you can tweak it to your taste as much as you like, so I think this is the better option of the two (and I haven’t even talked about adjustment layers, it’s another thing that comes in handy). Try alternating between modes or percentage and see what works best for you.
Sorry about my derpy English, I wish I could explain it better <_>

Hello there! I had to ask something that is probably not any of my business or anyone else's, and I'm not even sure if you know what happened, let alone want to share, but do you know what happened to Beanaroony? I read on her DA that she has quit Tumblr and it looks like people here have been making it hard for her? Do you know anything? Do you want to share? We all love her and we all love you too!

Hi anon, thanks for dropping by~ <3

Unfortunately, Bean has her own reasons and I respect her. We were once close and we had our disagreements over certain, personal matters which are completely irrelevant to this place. I still love her and admire her as an artist and a person, and all I know is that she’s going through a lot and I wish for her to get better and be happy with her life.

I don’t wish to disclose any information about whatever happened to her or anything, because I’m not even well informed enough and it’s absolutely none of my business.
And to be completely honest (and sorry if this comes off a little rude) - I just wish people will just drop it already and stop fishing for drama. Seems like she’s still active on DA, why don’t you ask her yourself?

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Jinora, my baby, I&#8217;m so proud and yet I wasn&#8217;t ready ;A;The finale totally destroyed me in so many ways *curls into fetal position*

Jinora, my baby, I’m so proud and yet I wasn’t ready ;A;
The finale totally destroyed me in so many ways *curls into fetal position*

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What happen to The Fanzine!? Zutara art?It's so good! I love your art! Please don't ever stop! I admire you so much!


*cold sweat dripping down on forehead*
Um…yeah, well…I still got some Fanzine stuff lying in my drafts…somewhere (*coughlotsofsteambabythingsandsemismuthahacough*).

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Are you excited for Episode 7? ('cause I sure as hell am)

LOL yeah! But honestly don’t know what to expect because I’ve never seen any of the movies in the cinema before .__.

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Just wanted to say I'm a die hard SW fan. All 6 are great. Saw A New Hope in theaters and I was hooked. Let the haters hate Ep. 1-3. Real fans like us keep the flame burning. Come on December 2015


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LOL thanks!! XD

Which reminds me that I still need to watch it (been planning to do so for a long time but never got the chance, and I’m still falling behind on Free <_> ). I hope it’s as fun as it looks because it reminds me a lot of Gurren Lagann (I loved it so much *sigh* I miss the good ol’ anime of the 2000’s).

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ahh these are so pretty <33

Thank you senpaiiii <333 ;A;
Ugh, I usually love working with monochrome palettes, but I can’t seem to enjoy this challenge that much :\

This is beautiful! I didn’t even know you take request ^^’ your art is really awesome!!! :)
Thank you!!~  <333 *3*
Well, actually - I don’t. I only did the palette challenge once and still got a lot of requests in my inbox, so it’s gonna take a while until the next time I try doing it ^^;

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Just finishing up some of the limited-palette-challenge things. There’s another batch of ATLA stuff in the making.
***I won’t be taking more palette requests for the time being so pls don’t send***

Anyway, I already proved how I suck at it, like…badly <_> And I’m still experimenting with new brushes, trying to figure out their mechanism ;XD

summerofzutara - I know you asked for palettes 8+9 but I took the liberty of trying others because I’ve already used them, I hope you don’t mind ^^;

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It&#8217;s gonna take HOURS to finish, and I&#8217;m probably gonna stay up tonight again, but I need this *shoots self*

It’s gonna take HOURS to finish, and I’m probably gonna stay up tonight again, but I need this *shoots self*