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leothaerin said: Ugh. This season was 10x better than the mess last season. And I think they have a fourth season still to come?

I bet they would. I see no reason for Nick to back off now, unless they pay Bryke for all the efforts and time (and face the wrath of millions of LOK/ATLA fans). Bryan said it’s already in post-production (I think?), there’s little chance they would cancel IMO (you can never know though)

legendsoftheavatar said: They’re taking it off television and putting the remaining eps on online websites. That’s all they said :(

IDK if it’s that bad. I mean - House of Cards aired all of their eps on Netflix, because the creators realized their target-audience was people who preferred marathoning a series instead of waiting for it to air weekly.
That’s why I said the creators should reflect about it, instead of ignoring their online audience (the LOK/ATLA community on tumblr is pretty big)

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Oh man, I am full of the FFX feels today. Fanart of it from you would be soooo awesome! I need to buy the remaster so I can play it again, it's been too long. (I'm actually watching a collection of the cut scenes while I work!) I just need a week vacation so I don't have to do anything else XD

Oh, believe me…I was an emotional wreck after finishing this game.
This is a very unpopular opinion but I don’t like how the characters look in the remastered version, especially Tidus :\
He looks nothing like his original (cutscene) in-game-model (the PS2 version was almost identical to Tetsuya Nomura’s design). IDK it lacks emotion, his charm and dorkiness :(
Even Yuna looks pretty bland, Auron and Lulu are awesome tho.

LOL a week of vacation would be nice~
Here’s the old thing I drew about 3-2 years ago <_> (the ugly watermark says it’s from 2012 but I’m pretty sure it’s from ‘11)

Sorry for bringing up the old farts, I cannot look at it without feeling a bit sick ;XD


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Ahhh I haven't played FFX (the last FF game I played was FF9 because I didn't have a PS2 :P) but your art and comments about parallels are making me really curious!!


If you loved FFIX you have no idea what you’re missing! :D
I mean, yes - my opinion is totally biased, it was actually the first FF game I played so it has a special place in my heart :’)
I hope I didn’t spoil it with my silly babble XD

I dunno if you own a console, but I would say that there are other…ahem…certain ways to get this game lol don’t ask cuz i won’t give a specific answer

My PS2 is locked away in the cabinet until next year, but I’m really tempted to play it again. It’s a great game, great characters and plotline, still visually stunning IMO

Ugh, now I really want to finish some of my old FFX fanarts ;-;

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nope nope i’m no senpai nope .////.

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This is a tumblr hug. Pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite tumblr followers to show them how much you love them. Make sure you don’t break the chain. ♥



I’m such a horrible person, I feel like I don’t deserve all the hugs. Imma go spread some love because I haven’t been a very good blogger ~_~

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Hire me? <_>

There are so many things that I want to draw…Gaang shenanigans because I miss my babies and there’s not enough Gaang love in my life, Skywalker family and Clone Wars silly stuff that are still buried somewhere in my drafts, and lot’s of Final Fantasy and Avengers/X-Men things. 

BTW - I’m almost done watching Lost Missions and, in a way, I just don’t want it to end so I need a distraction!

Tonight I have another wedding to attend, I do not plan on getting drunk like I usually do lol (not really drunk, tipsy at best, of course), but I’m really short on money.

Which leads me to ask if any of you might be interested in commissioning me?
Dunno about the complexity of the piece that I’m capable of offering right now, but I’m just curious, so let me know :)

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omg yes the Star Wars funko pop bobbleheads (in most hobby stores here) are so cute!! they have characters from all the movies, except for prequel Anakin (there's only a Vader bobblehead) so I can't complete my collection ;; I hope you can get some merch soon! XD

LOL I can do just fine with Vader <333
But need money :|

#first world problems

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//Aww Mati, its what I hoped someone would have done was Zutara as the Blue Spirit and Painted Lady in those color schemes. I love it. I know you couldn't participate in Zutara week, but those turned out lovely. XD

Thanks darling ♥
I’m glad you liked them :D

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Okay but if you don&#8217;t agree that R2 is life then I&#8217;m seriously judging you :|
I s2g, The Clone Wars is killing me with each episode.Like&#8230;if you DARE harm any of Anakin&#8217;s friends then you&#8217;re most likely screwed (BC he&#8217;s going to destroy everything you love)
Also - shorelle - this is for you, for being so supportive and helping me through the mess I&#8217;m dealing with &lt;3

Okay but if you don’t agree that R2 is life then I’m seriously judging you :|

I s2g, The Clone Wars is killing me with each episode.
Like…if you DARE harm any of Anakin’s friends then you’re most likely screwed (BC he’s going to destroy everything you love)

Also - shorelle - this is for you, for being so supportive and helping me through the mess I’m dealing with <3

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Do you watch Korra? It's because in last night's episode, Toph's daughter turned her metal cuffs into blades using metalbending, and it just looked *exactly* like in that drawing you did of Toph grown up like a year ago i think. it just reminded me of you!! have a nice day!!


Well…you kinda spoiled me the episode, I think ;XD

LOL but nevermind, usually I come over to my friends and we watch Korra together sometime during the week. But omg that’s so cool! *0*
Haha it’s nice seeing that something in my fanart just became “canon” :D (if only that would be the same with Zutara *gross sobbing* )

Thanks for msging me, and I hope you’re having a nice day too!

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Ah, I might have cheated a little bit with these, gomen ^^;
I suck at that meme anyway (tried to mix between palettes, and know that I already did 8 and 7 but I really loved 8 okay /hides ;XD )

Also - HAPPY belated ZUTARA WEEK!!!
Sorry for not being able to participate this year. I’m having a serious art block <_>