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I'm a fan from the Star Wars original movies, and I think Ahsoka is one of the best characters they've created in the last 20 years. I was surprised when I found out that so many fans dislike her. And i have to wonder if it isn't just because she's female? Cause she's a great character who evolves a lot as the series goes on. I am torn though about finding out her fate. Because now its up to everyone's individual headcanon.

Whoa, dude, RESPECT *bows down*

I seriously hope it’s not the case, because there were other badass female characters from the EU, like Mara Jade (again, it will probably take years until I gain enough knowledge about the whole series). So why hate on Ahsoka? :|

In my opinion, it’s just the general disdain from the PT and everything that came after, including TCW (no idea how veteran fans feel about the recent video games tho). IDK, whenever I browse the SW fan page on Facebook I get sick of all the hate. I don’t even care anymore, but it’s definitely one of the main reasons why I stay away from SW fans in geek communities/conventions or in RL :\

Anyway - YES. Ahsoka is so important and precious! And she deserves all the love and recognition. Like, I wish there were more female characters like her in cartoons and media! And I’m dying to get a closure, but until then - we’d have to stick to our headcanons and amarielah's awesome drabbles and fanfics~

just consider mati...what if hera's secret nickname for kanan was ani? :3

Um…actually, I don’t see any connection between the two ;XD
BUT I’m guessing they probably have secret nicks/use all sorts of code-names while they…ahem…do the thing :P 

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I just found your blog and all your art is making me crack up, especially your Star Wars art. It's all so hilarious!

LOL THANKS!! Glad you like my silly sense of humor XD
*sends a virtual fandom smooch*


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you draw Star Wars mashups/Skywalker family AUs, watch LOK and Clone Wars, and ship Korrasami. where have you been my whole tumblr life omg

I’m afraid I spend way too much time on tumblr, to be honest haha

well, it’s definitely going to change in a few days :X

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-“I’m going to make you pay for what you’ve done.
-“Come, Padawan. Your fall will be my ascension to the Sith.

Again - I don’t do requests, but the ATLA/SW mashup AU is something I’ve been working on every now and then, and this prompted me to finally explore the parallels between Zuko as Anakin and Azula as Ventress~

So in my AU - instead of losing his hand, Zuko is electrocuted and scarred by Count!Ozai *snorts*, and while I haven’t read a lot into the SW novels, I think some of them depict Anakin feeling ashamed and disgraced by his prosthetic hand, and this very much corresponds with the way Zuko felt after his father scarred him.
Azula, on the other hand, is Ozai’s most gifted disciple. She’s fiercely loyal to him, and when he betrays her, she’s heartbroken and goes mad with revenge (much like Ventress in TCW, and this also parallels to the way Azula felt when Ozai refused to let her come along with him when he executed operation Sozin’s Comet).

Obviously, this is based off of this panel (from SW:Republic, I believe?) and the duel on Yavin 4 from Clone Wars cartoon. 

Another fun fact - Asajj Ventress is voiced by Grey DeLisle, so basically, that makes Ventress!Azula even more appropriate! :D

***One final note regarding requests, because I think I should clear the air and I don’t want to upset anyone:
You *may* suggest something and if it *does* happen to be anything close to my headcanons/planned arts, I *might* give it a try. Can’t guarantee that I will do anything about it, though, so please - don’t send requests. I really appreciate everything, and really - I’m glad that so many of you like the silly things! But please, don’t clog my inbox, or I’ll have to turn off the asks :\

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Hey I saw your response to another anon about what fanfics you've read and it reminded me of one that was really good. It's called Purgatory by HelenT and it's about when anakin dies and is sent to "second world", which is pretty much purgatory, and he must redeem himself, and it's just a really good story and I think you would like it 😃

Thanks! I’ll give it a try once I finish reading Wake the Storm :D

Hey I love your work Star Wars and legend of Korra are 2 of my favorite things!!! And I was wondering could you do a kainora thing like Kai is going over to the darkside in front of Jinora and saying its for her cause he loves her like the scene on mustafar with Anakin and padme in ep.III and maybe the same thing but with Makorra and maybe bopal sorry I just love your work so much your awesome!!! Please let me know if you get this and will do any of them!!! Please!!! Your awesome!!! :D!!!

Hello! :)
I’m glad you enjoy my blog, I’m still amazed to find more and more mutual SW/ATLA fans. These two fandoms have quite a lot in common, and yet - they’re totally different ;XD

Unfortunately (and I already addressed that question a few times, and it’s also written in my FAQ section), I don’t take requests, and when I do (rarely so) - it’s only art-trades with close friends, and even more rarely - when it happens to be a headcanon of mine that I’ve been meaning to do anyway (like the Padawan!Zuko one, which I’m about to post in a couple of minutes). 

You’d have to commission me otherwise, if you’re still interested (when I’ll be available again, I’ll post all the relevant info and forms).

Thank you for dropping by and enjoying my stuff :>

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Hiiii Mati! I recently discovered your awesome blog full of all good things Star Wars and Avatar (two of my favorite things! YAY) and I was wondering if you read Star Wars fanfiction? Do you have any recommendations for fanfics or official novels? Keep up the awesome work! >(^0^)>

ASDF;; >///<
Goodness, it’s great to know that my blog is still useful ;XD

Regarding your ask- I’m the most HORRIBLE fanfic reader. EVER.
I don’t read a lot, and it takes me a shitload of time to actually invest myself in a fanfic (in a consistent manner, that is). I’m very picky when it comes to fanfiction, and again - your question is rather generic: What types of SW fics are you into? OT or PT? Slash/canon/non-canon? <_>

I’m afraid I can’t really answer. I only know a handful of awesome SW-fanfic blogs like writingfish, skygawker, phil-the-stone (might be others that I forgot to mention - SORRY ;-;). I mostly enjoy reading drabbles/metas and all the fandom shenanigans XD

But so far, my absolute favorites are amarielah's fics (mostly Obikin *huhu*), which are a m a z i n g l y written (and oh, so in character, THAT’S SUPER IMPORTANT).

And bedlamsbard's stuff - her Ouroboros series - which I recently started to read~ 
Oh yeah - Wake the Storm, GUYS!!! EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS, IT’S AN ABSOLUTE GEMSTONE I’M NOT KIDDING!! This is easily one of my favorite fics, by far. 

Again - sorry if I forgot anyone, I’m a human trash when it comes to fanfics <_>

For novels - I haven’t finished the RotS novelization by Matt Stover (although I’m a little disappointed with it, because some of the characterizations are a little off, Padme in particular *glares*) - but if you loved the movie it’s definitely a nice addition (but oh, so painful to read ;A;) so I’d recommend it! 

Thanks for dropping by my blog! =D

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That was absolutely one of the most painful moments in the series, and caused me quite the emotional breakdown *GROSS SOBBING*

I just wish they would stop pretending like Ahsoka doesn’t exist! Really, it pissed me off to know that not only men-children fans (aka - the dinosaurs/PT haters etc.) ignore her - but apparently(?) also actual writers who released official novels???! >_>” (do correct me if I’m wrong, and still - I’m under the impression that the novels didn’t do her much justice either).

Well, I’d rather shut my hole because my knowledge about the EU/whatever’s canon/not canon in SW is very limited, I’m still a newbie and honestly don’t care much about them right now (still trying to deal with the feels of TCW/PT era, but I will eventually read Heir to the Empire and the rest of the novels). I just really want to get some closure about the whole Ahsoka arc, and I was so SO HAPPY they finally addressed that subject in the unfinished Utapau arc *muffled sob*

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OK but what about starkiller tho

What about him? XD

I haven’t played The Force Unleashed yet (my time will come, I’m still abstaining from gaming until next year, when I’m done with college, that is), so I can’t make anything of him.

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uhm not trying to pry or anything, but do you what happened to beanaroony? xavalos? songofhopeandhonour? a lot of big zutara/atla people i followed have all dissappeared and ;A;

Honestly - I wouldn’t know :(

Beanaroony is no longer active on tumblr (well, as far as I’m aware, anyway), but she seems to be active on Deviantart. Also - go check her new Zutara comic, it’s awesome! :)

As for xavalos and songofhopeandhonour - I’m pretty sure they’re still active, maybe under a different URL. I don’t really know because I don’t follow their new blogs/lost track because I’m no longer involved in the Zutara sub-fandom (and TBH - we weren’t even that close while I was active. Really wonderful and talented people, but I was kind of disconnected from the ‘core’ group, I think ;XD), so again - I’m unable to help.

You might wanna try asking on the tag, I’m assuming some people there are still in touch with them.

Good luck! :)

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Ugh&#8230;I&#8217;ve been struggling with this thing all day, and keep losing my concentration too often. Maybe it&#8217;s not too late for me to get an official diagnose of ADHD (or borrow some ritalin from my bro ~_~).
I&#8217;m really digging the padawan braid on Zuko, it feels so right ;XDIN OTHER NEWS: I&#8217;m still overwhelmed by the reveal of Palpatine&#8217;s first name *SHEEVers*

Ugh…I’ve been struggling with this thing all day, and keep losing my concentration too often. Maybe it’s not too late for me to get an official diagnose of ADHD (or borrow some ritalin from my bro ~_~).

I’m really digging the padawan braid on Zuko, it feels so right ;XD
IN OTHER NEWS: I’m still overwhelmed by the reveal of Palpatine’s first name *SHEEVers*

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Hello! I don't know when your FAQ was last updated but I'm looking for an artist to commission for my novel cover. Were you saying that you were hoping to be available to accept for Summer 2015? Also, do you have any other artists you'd like to recommend? Something to keep in mind though is that I have MasterCard for payment, but I could likely use a friend's PayPal if necessary. Thanks for reading and I'm sorry if you get a lot of Asks like this.

No need to be sorry, if anything - I should apologize for not updating my FAQ ;XD

Indeed, when I last updated the FAQ, I was hoping to be open for commissions this summer (2014). However, due to an unexpected turn of events in my RL, I never opened, and thus cannot guarantee that I will be available soon because of college. 

As for other artists - I have a couple of tumblr-friends/fellow artists like shorelle, andythelemon, vasirasart and nymre who take commissions occasionally, and my sis inimi takes commissions, too! But I’m not sure whether they’re actually available ATM, so you’re gonna have to ask them yourself.

Other than that, I happen to have a commission tag in my fandom blog, with a couple of great artists. Tumblr is full of talented people, I’m sure you’ll find something for your taste :)

Thanks again for visiting my blog and taking interest in my art. I really appreciate it! :D

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I only got 10 days before college starts again&#8230;this time for the fourth and final year *shudders*
oops! totally forgot to draw the rest of the iv rod, i fail OTL***FIXED*** ah..the wonders of photoshop =_=

I only got 10 days before college starts again…this time for the fourth and final year *shudders*

oops! totally forgot to draw the rest of the iv rod, i fail OTL***FIXED*** ah..the wonders of photoshop =_=